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Electric Vehicle Trends


August 2023
Lincoln’s automotive and mobility technology professionals share some top trends that are playing a key role in the electric vehicle market’s momentum.

Energy, Power and Infrastructure - Trends Part OneEnergy, Power and Infrastructure - Trends Part Three

Energy, Power & Infrastructure Trends - Part Three

August 2023
Part three of our energy, power and infrastructure (EP&I) series! Lincoln’s professionals share themes within the product, outsourced service provider and software technology subsectors.
Energy, Power and Infrastructure - Trends Part OneEnergy, Power and Infrastructure - Trends Part Two

Energy, Power & Infrastructure Trends - Part Two

August 2023
Part two of our EP&I series! Lincoln’s professionals explore energy storage, renewable energy and trends specific to Europe.
Energy, Power and Infrastructure - Trends Part One

Energy, Power & Infrastructure Trends - Part One

July 2023
Part one of our EP&I series! Lincoln’s experts reveal some of the top 2023 global EP&I mega themes impacting the sector.
Cybersecurity Thumbnail

Cybersecurity Dynamics

April 2023
Lincoln’s cybersecurity experts reveal some of the top 2023 cybersecurity themes.
Education Trends Thumbnail

Education Trends

March 2023
Lincoln’s education, technology and services professionals share some of the top trends that are leading the education market in 2023.
Succeeding In The Beauty Market Thumbnail

Succeeding in the Beauty Market

Nov 2022
Lincoln’s beauty experts offer brands advice on how to succeed in today’s beauty market.
Q3 2022 Valuation Insights

Q3 2022 Valuation Insights

Nov 2022
Lincoln’s Valuations & Opinions Group shares insights into Q3 2022 valuations, including private company enterprise value multiples, third-party M&A buyouts and European revenue, EBITDA growth and margins.
ESG Trends Thumbnail

ESG Trends

Nov 2022
Lincoln’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) experts share key ESG insights for investors or companies that are looking to buy or sell.
Trends In The Financial Institutions Market Thumbnail

Trends in the Financial Institutions Market

Sep 2022
Lincoln's Financial Institutions Group offers a perspective on the key trends that are playing a role in the financial institutions market.
Healthcare Thumbnail Q4 2021

Overview of Pharmaceutical Outsourced Market

Nov 2021
James West, Director in Lincoln’s Healthcare Group, gives an overview of the pharmaceutical outsourced market, including global drivers and trends, response from private equity firms and attractive assets for investors within the sector.

Resilient Pet Sector Attracts Increasing Investor Interest Underpinned by Changing Consumer Habits

Apr 2021
Listen as members of Lincoln's Consumer Group share their thoughts on the resilient pet sector; identifying the latest trends in investor appetite and key strategies for growth for pet businesses in 2021.

Q1 Valuation Insights and 2021 Forecasts

Mar 2021
With over 2,400 portfolio #valuations performed globally by Lincoln International last quarter, our global Valuations & Opinions Group shares insights from this data on EV multiples, EBITDA performance and their forecasts for private company valuations in 2021.

Resilient TMT Sector Drives Increasing Competition and Diversified Investment Strategies

Mar 2021
Our TMT colleagues from around the world share insights into trends including artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, as well the latest updates on mergers and acquisitions activity in the sector.

Accelerated Trends in Industrials

Jan 2021
Listen to perspectives on various aspects within the Industrials industry, from the safety and survivability in the specialty vehicle market in a COVID and post-COVID world to outbound mergers and acquisitions trends in China.

Accelerated Trends in Debt Advisory

Hear perspectives on the debt advisory landscape.

Accelerated Trends in Consumer

Hear perspectives on the changing global consumer landscape from opportunities in home living and e-commerce to the evolution of retailers in the face of increasing competition from Amazon.

Accelerated Trends in Business Services

Listen to perspectives on key considerations for mergers and acquisitions in business services, including global distribution and supply chain, talent and staffing in the UK and engineering services in the Nordics.

Accelerated Trends in Valuations & Opinions

Discover proprietary insights into the impact of COVID-19 on private company valuations to date as well as initial Q4 predictions.

Accelerated Trends in Technology, Media & Telecom

Hear insights on navigating rising competition as digital strategies accelerate.


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