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Lincoln has expanded and strengthened its commitment to ESG.

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Lincoln’s commitment to culture and community spans more than 25 years since our founding. As trusted investment banking advisors to leaders of private equity firms and privately held companies around the world, we are committed to our clients and the shared global community in which we all collectively live and work.

In addition to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts within our offices around the world, Lincoln International works closely with clients through our global team of investment banking advisors to evaluate and address ESG opportunities and risks as the business community and world increase their focus on a greener, more just, and more sustainable economy.

As an investment banking advisor, we have both the power and potential to partner with leaders with significant influence on the global economy, operating in the global private capital markets. We are committed to the advancement of environmental and social priorities in each of the communities where we work – whether on behalf of clients or in collaboration with our global team.

Rob Brown
CEO of Lincoln International

Environmental Initiatives

We recognize the responsibility to evolve our global footprint to create a sustainable world for the next generation. As a result, each office has adopted a set of practices that best align with their current local, applicable government regulations and respective cultures. These initiatives include:

Energy Efficiency

  • Blind Lowering Program
  • Scheduled HVAC Use
  • Conscientious Light Use

Responsible Usage

Reduce Waste Campaign

  • Centralized printing stations with printer sign-in and double-sided printing to encourage employees to be more cognizant of their printing habits and reduce unnecessary printing
  • Digital resources to reduce the need for paper use
  • Repurposing of paper when applicable
  • Disposal procedures
  • Approximately two tons of e-waste and other toxic materials are collected and transferred to accredited third-party institutions for proper and safe disposal
  • Eliminated garbage cans at desks and in offices and replaced with centralized garbage cans to encourage less waste throughout the day
  • Introduced composting program that has turned ~3,000 pounds of trash / landfill items in the U.S. into usable compost
  • Little / no single use plastic
  • Recycling of paper and other recyclable materials
  • Automatic shut off enabled on all technological devices, reduces global annual power consumption by approximately 10%


Social Initiatives

Wellness in a Changing World

Culture is our greatest asset. We want our employees to realize their fullest personal and professional potential and recognize the criticality of overall wellness in that regard. The firm provides a variety of resources and tools to support employees in their physical and mental wellness pursuits including:

  • Talkspace
  • OneMedical
  • Gym Discounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Cycling Program
  • Wellness Stipend


Supporting Employees’ Success

  • Competitive Health and Life Insurance Policies
  • UberOne Membership
  • Wellness Stipend
  • Office Retreats
  • Office Celebrations for Regional Holidays
  • Philanthropic Engagement
  • Hybrid Work Schedule
  • Plastic-Limited Offices
  • Alumni and Internal Networking Events
  • Public Transit Benefits


Giving Back

Lincoln donates annually to organizations making an impact.

At Lincoln, employees bring the same energy that fuels client success to helping their communities thrive. Whether working on behalf of clients or for an important cause, we are united globally in our efforts to give back.

Around the world, Lincoln employees lend their talents, time and financial support to important community organizations and causes.

Through the firm’s employer match program and ongoing charitable commitments, we have collectively donated more than $700,000 through volunteerism, grants and corporate matching gifts since 2018. Offices around the world regularly organize volunteer activities as a method for both enhancing their community and strengthening employee culture.

Charitable Match Program

Lincoln’s charitable matching program for all U.S. employees was established to increase the overall impact on our communities and support the work of charitable organizations by encouraging employee giving to eligible organizations. Lincoln has partnered with Charityvest, a modern giving platform, as part of this program.

Abe Day

In addition to the individual efforts of our employees, Lincoln celebrates its shared sense of giving annually during April in honor of the firm’s founding in April 1996. Lincoln’s global employees channel their efforts to support area causes through giving activities affectionately referred to as Abe Day in recognition of the firm’s namesake, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.


Fostering Connections

In-Person Meetings

In-person meetings provide the opportunity for global Lincoln colleagues to develop and deepen relationships and share perspectives while celebrating the firm’s many accomplishments and the very bright future ahead. These in-person meetings with fellow colleagues are core to Lincoln’s culture. It is inspiring to see the many faces of Lincoln and the energy created when  our talent comes together. Equally important, the business connections made, and friendships formed at in-person meetings make them truly essential.

15+ Countries, One Team

Culture is maintained in and out of the workplace. Our offices engage in several Lincoln-sponsored activities depending on their regions, including:

  • Office Retreats
  • Office Sports Teams
  • Office Dinners
  • Regional Cultural Celebrations


Alumni Program

Lincoln maintains a robust alumni network that facilitates connections between current and former Lincoln colleagues and offers an opportunity for all to learn from one another through various networking events around the world. To stay connected, please sign up to receive updates on Lincoln alumni news and events.

Secondment Program

Lincoln’s Secondment Program provides employees with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and expand their national and cultural experiences by participating in a six-month exchange program at any of our more than 20 office locations globally.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

We encourage diversity of thought in all its forms and create an award-winning culture by attracting, retaining and engaging high performers from all backgrounds, demographics and perspectives.

Learn more about Lincoln's commitment to DEI

Governance Initiatives

Performance & Development

Lincoln is committed to helping our employees reach their greatest potential. The firm invests heavily in professional development and provides many opportunities for employees to elevate their skills to a higher level.

  • 13,000+ cumulative hours of training completed annually including DEI, wellness, compliance, technical skills and professional development
  • Lincoln University provides employees with an array of modes to develop their professional skills with a portal that contains more than 11,000 preapproved courses as well as facilitated self-identified learning opportunities
  • Performance reviews conducted annually, enabling employees to learn and grow

Internship Opportunities

The internship roles at Lincoln offer an excellent learning experience and provide a solid foundation upon which an individual can build a future career. We are proud to have had more than 2,500 interns since our start in 1996 and aim to continue this trend, helping students and young professionals gain exemplary work experience in an entrepreneurial, detail-oriented and enjoyable environment.

  • Recruited from 80 universities around the world
  • Contribute to more than 300 deals globally each year

Mentorship Program

Lincoln’s Mentorship Program fosters connections between colleagues of all levels and leads to an open dialogue regarding career goals and opportunities, professional development and performance.

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