Webinar | New Year Valuations Insights

Feb 2021

Lincoln International hosted a webinar on February 3, 2021, led by our European Valuations, M&A and Debt Advisory experts discussing proprietary insights sourced from private companies into Q4 2020 valuations alongside forecasts for 2021.

The global panel explored select critical questions in the market today:

  • What is the M&A outlook for 2021? What are the key trends and opportunities?
  • What have we observed in European valuations during Q4 2020? What do we anticipate for 2021 valuations?
  • What are our observations around covenant levels and financial performance?
  • One year on, what can we expect from a financing perspective compared to 2020? Will Brexit have an impact?

The presentation begins with prepared remarks and market insights from our Valuations & Opinions Group, M&A Group and Debt Advisory Group, followed by an interactive Q&A, during which our panelists answered questions from attendees.
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