PETS International | Investment Spike in the Fresh Dog Food Category

Apr 2023

Originally posted by PETS International on April 26, 2023.

The natural / minimally processed pet food industry is attracting great investor interest, and the market is growing at a rapid rate as consumers are applying the quality expectations they have for their own food to their pets.

Despite economic uncertainty, pet owners continue to prioritize premium products for their companion animals.

Alex Masters, Charles Walder and Tom Cunningham, professionals in Lincoln’s Consumer Group, wrote, “However, it is believed that around 75% of consumers remain unaware of the current offering. Among those that do feed their pets minimally processed foods, in the majority of circumstances it accounts for less than 25% of their pet’s diet. This suggests opportunities for further growth as pet parents become more aware of and comfortable with the minimally processed proposition. Therefore, this segment is expected to continue to outperform the wider pet market in terms of growth.”

Many minimally processed pet food brands in Europe are either privately owned or backed by venture capital and are balancing the current turbulent and rapidly changing market conditions with consumer demand and their own goals. There have been several minimally processed pet food transactions in Europe over the past two years and Lincoln expects more brands to continue to transact in either a merger, acquisition, or capital raise.

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