Affärsvärlden | European Companies Performing Well

Mar 2024

Originally posted by Affärsvärlden on March 14, 2024.

European companies are outperforming their U.S. counterparts. Proprietary data provided by Lincoln’s Valuations & Opinions Group revealed that European medium-sized companies are doing better than American ones in terms of revenue and EBITDA growth.

Richard Olson, Managing Director in Lincoln’s Valuations & Opinions Group, commented, “American companies have been affected by higher inflation and higher interest and energy costs.”

2023 was a more difficult year for value and volume amongst Nordic M&A transactions.

“It has definitely started to heat up, even though the first quarter was relatively quiet,” Fredrik Bolander, Managing Director and Head of Lincoln Nordics, commented. “We continue to see that many LPs want liquidity and are pushing for the private equity companies to start selling holdings. But there are also more bilateral discussions in the market than before.”

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