Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

The key management philosophies of Lincoln International include the following:

  1. Passion for the mid-market
  2. Commitment to our culture
  3. Commitment to growth
  4. Commitment to remain entrepreneurial
  5. Multi-local and globally integrated

Passion for the mid-market: Lincoln International is comprised of bankers who gain career satisfaction by completing deals and by developing strong personal connections with the executives and owners of businesses. The mid-market is very active relative to the large cap market. There are five times more deals completed in the mid-market than in the large cap market. We trade off the global recognition of completing large cap deals for the reward of working directly with the owners and entrepreneurs of the businesses and being able to do drive outstanding outcomes for them.

Commitment to our culture: Our leadership team understands that to have a culture consistent with our values we need to hire, train, financially reward, and promote high performing professionals sharing these cultural values. Additionally, Lincoln International’s leadership is focused on living up to our cultural values in every decision and action. We actively manage the culture of Lincoln so that it continues to be our most important asset.

Commitment to growth: Our commitment to growth is fueled by our belief that growth is good for both our clients and staff. Growth provides more resources for our clients. Growth provides more professional opportunities for our staff such as promotion and other forms of career progression. Growth requires management and financial resources. We are firmly convinced this investment pays off for our clients, employees and Lincoln International!

Commitment to remain entrepreneurial: Growth requires entrepreneurial management. We are constantly looking forward to improve and develop new expertise. We are not looking backwards to repeat the past. We are very thoughtful in examining opportunities and taking actions to continue to drive the franchise value of Lincoln International. We energetically pursue opportunities to make them reality.

Globally integrated and Multi-Local (“Glo-cal”): Lincoln International has 20 global offices located in 15 different countries with 10 different languages. The conditions and markets in each of these countries are different. To ensure global integration and quality while adjusting for local circumstances, we listen to our local senior management teams and allow them the flexibility to apply the strategy that works in their market while offering and supporting a core global offering. Furthermore, we have carefully determined what is best managed primarily locally and what is best managed globally. Our ability to simultaneously operate globally and locally across multiple industries and services is due to our shared culture of commitment to excellence, teamwork and integration. This Glo-cal approach to management is a key component for our success.