Joint Ventures & Partnering

Joint Ventures & Partnering

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True Partnering Specialists, Building and Unlocking Value and Performance – Globally. At Lincoln International, we transact and advise on all types of joint venture (JV), alliance and partnership, including consortia and minority stakes.

Our 30+ years’ combined practical experience and insight is of equal relevance to private equity, financial institutions, mid-cap and large corporates, and sovereign wealth funds. Partnering is an increasingly popular alternative to acquisition, but still – McKinsey tells us – more than 60% of such deals fail to achieve their goals.

We help our clients find the right partner, structure the right deal, avoid operational pitfalls and manage partner relationships effectively, maximising value over the lifecycle right through to exit.

Lincoln’s Joint Venture & Partnering Services Span the Full JV / Partnering Lifecycle

We overcome partnering challenges to build, protect and extract maximum value for our clients.

JV Partnering

Solutions Offered Across the Lifecycle of a JV or Partnering Arrangement

Create and Set-up

  • Challenge commercial goals, timescales and priorities
  • Help find the right partner, clarify and align joint objectives
  • Design practical, tailored structure, governance and operating model
  • Shape and co-ordinate negotiations
  • Challenge and strengthen proposed draft contracts
  • Plan and / or execute set-up and implementation

Optimize or Refresh

  • Conduct rapid “Health Check” on deals in progress
  • Review existing problematic JVs / partnerships and generate solutions
  • Re-visit ways of working in mature collaborations to “broker” a fresh start

Reset or Exit

  • Help “sell” the case for change to the partner
  • Resolve conflict and set on a course for growth
  • Design / deliver change without reopening negotiations
  • Identify and appraise options – turnaround, new partner, carve-out, exit, etc.
  • Develop and execute reset or exit to maximize value

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