Gruzovichkof has formed a strategic partnership with TKB Bank

Gruzovichkof is the largest moving services ecosystem in Russia. The company offers a full spectrum of moving, transportation and relocation services for a vast range of clients, such as freight, cargo and taxi services for business-to-consumer and business-to-business; moving services for do-it-yourself stores; less-than-truckload and full-truckload shipping; special vehicle and equipment rental; on-demand storage with moving assistance; and last-mile delivery for e-commerce platforms. Gruzovichkof and TKB have also agreed upon building a strategic partnership in a number of business areas, including creation of a proprietary fintech in-house ecosystem. As a result of the transaction, Gruzovichkof was valued at more than $100 million enterprise value.

Lincoln was the financial advisor for the shareholders of Gruzovichkof. The outstanding industry knowledge and relationships with investors in Russia and the CIS demonstrated by the Lincoln team ensured the successful completion of the deal. As a result, Gruzovichkof shareholders will continue working with Lincoln to raise additional funds in order to prepare the company for a future initial public offering, planned for 2023-2024.

The terms of the transaction are confidential.

Gruzovichkof TKB Bank 2021 Connect with a Senior Team Member
The result was achieved by Lincoln International due to its highly professional and consistent approach to the process and excellent reach to various investors, both in Russia and internationally. Lincoln International managed to find Gruzvichkof's shareholders a unique out of the box investment solution.
Viacheslav Alekseytsev
Head of Investors Relations at Gruzovichkof

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