Inbound Logistics | 3 Innovations on the Fast Track

May 2020

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COVID-19 Supply Chain Resources & Recovery Strategies

3 Innovations on the Fast Track

1. Delivery drones. Their deployment has been fast tracked to reduce the risk of exposure for drivers and bolster capacity to meet soaring demand for home deliveries. For example, UPS and CVS plan to use drones to deliver prescription medications to a Florida retirement community. Alphabet’s drone delivery company, Wing, has also seen a strong increase in demand for drone deliveries, with volumes more than doubling at its test locations in the United States and Australia.

2. Autonomous vehicles. In April 2020, the Mayo Clinic announced it would use self-driving shuttles to move COVID-19 tests from a testing site to a processing lab in Florida to speed delivery and limit potential exposure.

3. Robotics solutions. Retailers are increasingly adopting technology to combat supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic. In its latest earnings report, Target notes accelerated investments in robotic solutions to rapidly replenish in-demand products and monitor pricing on the sales floor. Grocers Albertsons and Stop & Shop are testing the use of robotics to process customer orders at their warehouses.



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