Glow Recipe’s Strengthen Your Boundaries Summit | Panel: Beginning Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Lincoln International was pleased to have moderated the Beginning Your Entrepreneurial Journey session at Glow Recipe’s Strengthen Your Boundaries Summit on January 21st. The expert panel featured founders of prominent beauty brands discussing their varied paths to starting new brands as well as advice for like-minded entrepreneurs.

The founders shared personal stories and insights, some of which we have summarized below:

  • A saturated industry is an indication that there is a market for a product. However, it is imperative that new brands think about their unique DNA. Having a strong point of view is essential – it is more important to stand out in a saturated market rich with consumer interest rather than create a new category as customer demand for products in niche markets has historically been low.
  • It is important for entrepreneurs to remain active on social media and retain a login to their brand’s accounts. Even if your brand has a social team, interacting on social – responding to direct messages and viewing who is engaging with your brand’s content – provides an opportunity to generate business through influencer marketing, promotions, or the like.
  • When choosing a co-founder, it is beneficial to select someone who is already aligned with your goals and values. This enables you to move in lockstep when executing the brand vision and lead the brand to success.
  • Successful entrepreneurs often set boundaries in both their personal and professional lives. Carving out mental space will lend the capacity needed to be a holistic and more productive employee.
  • Every day offers two opportunities to have a good day – in your personal life and professional life. Don’t let one overshadow the other. Entrepreneurs can have tough day at work but a great day at home, and vice versa.


  • Lincoln International's Jessica Chia moderated the Beginning Your Entrepreneurial Journey panel at Glow Recipe’s Strengthen Your Boundaries Summit where prominent beauty brand founders discussed advice for entrepreneurs and their varied paths to starting new brands.

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