West Shore Home recapitalized by Leonard Green & Partners

Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, West Shore Home (WSH) is a leading technology-enabled, direct-to-consumer home services platform operating more than 15 locations across ten states. The company utilizes a proprietary customer acquisition engine and advanced data analytics, fully developed in-house, to drive efficient and effective marketing efforts at scale. WSH utilizes technologically advanced management tools to support its entire value chain, from customer acquisition to consultation and design to installation and follow-up, maintaining strong customer contact and engagement throughout. The company’s ability to optimize productivity levels and resource utilization from customer acquisition through installation is a direct result of its investment in technology and personnel. WSH’s successful performance of tens of thousands of installations over the years has cemented its reputation for unmatched customer service and has made it the consolidator of choice in a fragmented market, having successfully completed four acquisitions since 2018.

Recognizing Lincoln’s successful track record of advising businesses with differentiated business models and tech-enabled marketing strategies, WSH retained Lincoln as its exclusive financial advisor to explore recapitalization options for the company. Lincoln worked closely with WSH’s management team throughout the process to articulate the company’s leading direct-to-consumer approach, growth trajectory and successful track record of add-on acquisitions to drive a highly competitive process and deliver an excellent outcome for all stakeholders.

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