TIS has acquired a minority stake in Vector Consulting Group


Vector, a management consulting firm in India with more than 200 professionals, helps companies build unique supply chain, operations and customer management capabilities. Considered one of the fastest growing management consulting companies in India, Vector has pioneered radical and innovative approaches to operations and sales management in various sectors such as automotive and auto components, consumer goods and retail, textiles and garments, equipment manufacturing, engineering and construction and life sciences.

Vector provides its clients with value-added consulting services to build innovative models for their supply chains, operations, project execution, sales delivery and customer management capabilities, that enhance the long-term competitive advantage of clients. By leveraging its strong relationship with clients in Indian fast-growing industries such as automotive, steel, construction, pharmaceutical and retail sectors, Vector has been accelerating the expansion into Southeast Asia in recent years. In addition, Vector provides not only the management consulting services but also the onboarding solutions by using state-of-the-art on-ground, digital and financial technology components.

The Deal

This alliance marks TIS’ first investment in the management consulting business as a fourth investment strategy following its existing three of channel, x-tech and emerging tech as well as its first entry into India, the third largest market in Asia following China / Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Amid the progress of the integration of consulting and technology worldwide, TIS will also leverage Vector’s expertise of management consulting to provide high value-added information technology (IT) services to its existing clients in India, Japan, ASEAN and China. TIS and Vector will also collaborate to innovate and co-create tech-based solutions and platforms for unresolved chronic issues of the industry and society.

Our Perspective

Amid the progress in the integration of technology and consulting worldwide, this is one of the symbolic transactions between leading IT service company in Japan and reputable consulting firm in India. Lincoln has been developing the expertise for Japan-India mergers and acquisitions transactions and will further enhance its functions.


TIS, a member of TIS INTEC Group, is a business partner to more than 3,000 companies in various sectors, including finance, industry, public services and distribution services. It provides IT to support growth strategies, tackling various management challenges faced by its customers.

Leveraging the industry knowledge and IT development capabilities it has cultivated over more than 50 years, TIS aims to realize a prosperous society by providing IT services that have been co-created with society and customers in Japan and Asian region.

Connect with a Senior Team Member
With the hard work of our TIS team and the proper guidance of Lincoln, TIS has successfully entered a new business domain of management consulting and the new potential market of India. We are very proud of this outcome and looking forward to expanding our global business with Vector.
Kensaku Furusho
Executive Officer of TIS

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