Patricia Industries has sold Memira to Bergman Clinics

Formed in 2007, Memira is the Scandinavian market leader in refractive surgery, operating a network of 47 clinics across Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Services provided include Laser treatments, Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL), together with ancillary services such as eye examinations. Memira performs around 20,000 treatments per annum, treating patients for instances of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Bergman Clinics is a leading provider of both insured and uninsured elective care in focus clinics in the Netherlands. Through the merger of Bergman Clinics and NL Healthcare Clinics at the beginning of 2019, the business became the largest provider in the Netherlands of fully insurance covered healthcare treatments in the fields of hip, knee, shoulder, foot/ankle, eye disorders; while also providing specialist treatments in the field of plastic surgery,skin, gastro-intestinal and pelvic floor disorders.

The acquisition of Memira marks Bergman’s first acquisition outside the Benelux region and the transaction is a major step towards Bergman’s vision of becoming a pan-European leader in elective care. The combined group will employ more than 1,500 people and will generate annual revenues in the excess of 300m EUR.

Lincoln acted as the exclusive financial adviser to Patricia Industries and the wider shareholder group of Memira. Through a joint execution effort between Lincoln’s London and Stockholm Healthcare teams, Lincoln worked closely with the management team of Memira to deliver a successful completion in August 2019.

Dan Pitulia, Chairman at Memira commented,

“I am very pleased with the efforts by Lincoln and results generated for the sale of Memira. The buyer was unknown to us as sellers and was found by Lincoln. Their sector knowledge was evident throughout the process and we selected and had a very driven, proactive and industrially dialled in team running the project at Lincoln. All in all, I am very pleased we chose Lincoln.”

Patricia Industries Memira Bergman Clinics 2019 Connect with a Senior Team Member
An excellent strategic perspective in combination with attention to detail every step of the way are some of the main reasons I´d recommend the Lincoln healthcare team. I am very pleased with the support we got from Lincoln and most importantly with the result generated!
Johanna Öberg
CEO at Memira

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