Orienta Capital Partners has acquired ILMA with financing provided by Iccrea Banca and Indigo


ILMA is a leading Italian player, headquartered in Magliano Alpi (Cuneo, Italy), and engaged in manufacturing and distributing wooden structures for construction carpentry. The company designs and builds (i) solid or laminated wood roofs, (ii) wooden structures for civil and commercial use, (iii) infrastructures (i.e. bridges) and (iv) large-scale works. The company boasts a wide network of more than 300 customers, mainly represented by construction companies located in northern Italy (Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and Lombardy), which makes ILMA the market leader in northwest Italy.

The Deal

Orienta Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in ILMA with the objectives to grow the company organically and through an add-on strategy to consolidate its leading position in the reference market. Furthermore, the acquisition has the objective to create an innovator in the green building industry.

Lincoln International supported Orienta Capital Partners in arranging a suitable financing package to finance the acquisition and facilities for operating needs of the company as well as future growth initiatives.

Our Perspective

Daniele Candiani, Managing Director in Lincoln’s Capital Advisory Group, commented, “The transaction represents another successful growth-orientated financing solution. This process shows that lenders continue to consider credit opportunities from all sectors, supporting both credible growth initiatives, alongside investable management teams.”

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The Lincoln team provided highly valuable advice to the business in navigating their focused process and securing the right financing partners. We look forward to working with the Lincoln team again in the future.
Augusto Balestra
Partner at Orienta Capital Partners

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