Syst’am, a portfolio company of Meanings Capital Partners, has acquired Järven Health Care

Järven Health Care

Founded in 1976 by the Nordin family, Järven Health Care is a Swedish manufacturer of medical equipment for the prevention and treatment of bedsores. Its product range includes pressure ulcer and other medical mattresses, pillows and positioning equipment. Endowed with strong, long-term relationships with hospitals and public councils, Järven operates in the fast-growing Scandinavian healthcare market and has a strong international presence.

The Deal

Syst’am, a European leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices for the prevention of bedsores, together with Meanings Capital Partners, identified Järven as a key target for a first cross-border acquisition. Already present in Germany, Syst’am is now entering new European regions, gaining direct access to the Scandinavian markets. The two companies share a family business DNA and the same vision for their business.

Chief Executive Officer of Järven, Göran Nordin, will continue to manage the new Syst’am subsidiary in order to further the company’s development. Sébastien Cinquin, President of Syst’am, and Goran Nordin have identified several joint projects that will ultimately improve patient health. With this acquisition, Syst’am consolidates its position as a leading player in the European market for the prevention and care of bedsores.

Our Perspective

Lincoln International acted as the exclusive financial advisor of Syst’am, working closely with its management and Meanings Capital Partners’ team. Leveraging on his seamless team, based in Paris and Stockholm, and implementing a hand-on approach, Guillaume Suizdak, Managing Director in Lincoln’s Paris office commented, “We are delighted to have advised Meanings Capital Partners and Syst’am in this strategic move, successfully carrying out Syst’am’s first acquisition outside its domestic market.”


Founded in 1988, Syst’am is a company based in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (Bordeaux district) of France that employs 200 people and manufactures medical devices specializing in the prevention and treatment of bedsores and in aerosol therapy. The group has also been present in Germany since 2001 and in 2019 acquired MediDev, a company specializing in bedsore treatment aids for hospitals. To date, the group has equipped several hundred thousand patients that are at risk or undergoing treatment.

Meanings Capital Partners

Meanings Capital Partners is a leading unlisted investment platform in France, specializing in the lower-mid cap segment, in the private equity and real estate sectors. Meanings Capital Partners works with management teams to transform and finance the development of French companies, so they become leaders in their markets. The company also transforms real estate assets and improves their construction in accordance with the highest environmental standards. The platform is made up of 46 people, including 24 investors, organized into three divisions: mid cap, for companies with turnover of up to €150 million; growth, for companies with turnover of up to €50 million and real estate, for real estate projects valued up to €150 million.

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Lincoln International has been instrumental in its support to Syst'am and Meanings Capital Partners in both France and Sweden on this deal, and facilitated its successful completion.
François Tranié
Partner at Meanings Capital Partners

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