Proengin attracts Qualium Investissement as a new majority investor

Founded in 1972, Proengin, a global leader of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat management, designs, develops and assembles chemical and biological detectors using a differentiated and universal technology, the flame spectrophotometry (FPD). Leveraging their leading technological position in a fast-growing market, the company offers an extensive range of applications to a blue-chip customer base across 72 countries. Specifically, Proengin serves military clients and first responders, and secures critical civil infrastructures.

Jean-François Brun, Chief Executive Officer of Proengin, commented, “It was a real pleasure to work with Lincoln again. The Lincoln team was a crucial partner in effectively and profoundly conveying the company’s growth story to potential investors.”

Jacques Pancrazi, Partner at Qualium Investissement, mentioned, “Leveraging its unique technology and best-in-class industrial know-how, Proengin has significant potential to create value, unleashed by the new management team led by Jean-François Brun since 2018. We are pleased to partner with Proengin in the development of new applications and the opening up of new markets through its strong international deployment model.”

Michel Claret, Partner at Capital Export, stated, “The Lincoln team was instrumental in reaching the best possible outcome for Proengin’s shareholders through a controlled, dynamic and swift process.”

Guillaume Suizdak, Managing Director at Lincoln International, added, “Having advised Jean-François Brun and Proengin’s management team in the 2018 leveraged buyout (LBO), we were thrilled to team up again with this successful management team and Capital Export to run an expedited and highly-competitive process, attracting Qualium as a new majority investor.”

Lincoln International acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Proengin’s shareholders throughout the sale process, providing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and debt advisory expertise.

Capital Export Proengin Qualium 2020 Connect with a Senior Team Member
We are delighted to have been supported by Lincoln International who efficiently and swiftly conducted the auction process, securing the acquisition of a majority stake in Proengin by a valued partner.
Michel Claret
Partner at Capital Export

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