Founders and NextStage AM have sold a majority stake of WiiSmile to Eurazeo


Founded in 2001, WiiSmile is a digital platform providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with “all-in-one” solutions to promote staff engagement by improving quality of life for employees and their families. The company targets a deep market of more than 400,000 SMEs in France with a need for human resources tools and employee benefits services that can help them attract, motivate and retain employees.

WiiSmile is a market pioneer featuring the best of employee benefits: gift vouchers, holidays, personal services and a wide range of recreational, cultural and personal development offerings. For its SME executive clients, these benefits are an effective and innovative way to demonstrate their commitment to their employees, to improve employee motivation and retention and to boost their employer brand.

As a trusted partner of executives of smaller companies for more than 20 years, WiiSmile provides easy-to-use, ready-to-go solutions centered on users, including both the executives and their employees. The brand sets itself apart by offering comprehensive, attentive and personalized service to users as well as an “all in one” digital platform. Since its founding, 8,500 SME executives have placed their trust in WiiSmile to take care of their employees. Headquartered in Montmélian, France, WiiSmile employs a staff of 140 professionals and had a generated annual recurring revenue of €18 million in 2021.

The Deal

Through its investment, Eurazeo aims to support WiiSmile in accelerating customer acquisition and innovation, developing new services and partnerships and running strategic acquisitions. Convinced by WiiSmile’s potential, NextStage AM confirmed its partnership position alongside founders in the company.

Our Perspective

Matthieu Rosset, Managing Director in Lincoln’s Paris office, commented, “This transaction further evidences Lincoln International’s coordination and capabilities to find the right partner for our clients. Our sector expertise was key to target a limited number of potential buyers that could perfectly fit with WiiSmile’s DNA. Eurazeo and NextStage AM will be the ideal partners to support WiiSmile’s adventurous next steps.”


Eurazeo is a leading global investment company, with a diversified portfolio of €32 billion in assets under management invested in 530 companies. With its considerable private equity, venture capital, private debt as well as real estate and infrastructure asset expertise, Eurazeo supports companies of all sizes, accompanying their development through the commitment of its nearly 360 professionals and by offering deep sector expertise, a gateway to global markets and a responsible and stable foothold for transformational growth. Its solid institutional and family shareholder base, robust financial structure free of structural debt and flexible investment horizon enables Eurazeo to support its companies over the long term.

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