Clements National Company has been sold to Winchester Electronics Corporation

Lincoln International, a leading global mid-market investment bank, has announced that Clements National Company (“Clements” or the “Company”) has been sold to Winchester Electronics Corporation (“Winchester”), a portfolio company of Audax Group. Clements is a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered interconnect solutions for the railroad transit, and marine, oil and gas (“MOG”) industries. Under the “Cadillac” trademark the Company’s connectors and cable assemblies are the most trusted products for their quality and reliability, by major railroad OEMs and MOG companies in the U.S. and Canada. The combination of Clements with Winchester will allow for the expansion of this railroad transit and MOG product portfolio on a global scale.

Reginald Barrett, the Clements Chairman and the representative of the Company’s shareholders, commented, “Lincoln International’s industry and transaction expertise was invaluable in serving the interests of Clements’ shareholders. Combining Clements with Winchester, a leading global interconnect company, brings numerous advantages to Clements’ employees and customers.”

Lincoln International acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Clements, working closely with Clements’ senior management team throughout the sale process. This included providing advisory expertise and managing the preparatory, marketing, negotiation and due diligence phases of the transaction. In addition Lincoln International utilized its exclusive relationship with Bishop & Associates, the leading interconnect research firm.

About Clements National Company

Clements National Company was founded in 1910. The Company was purchased in 1971 by William Croft, Sr. and has remained in his family since. The Company’s products include communication/control trainline electrical connectors and harness assemblies for the rail transit industry and specialized connectors for the MOG industry among others (

About Winchester Electronics Corporation

Winchester Electronics, established in 1941, is a leader in the design, development, and deployment of interconnect technology globally. Winchester designs and manufactures an extensive range of interconnect products, including PCB, RF, and Power connectors as well as value-added cable and electromechanical assemblies, with modern, electronically linked design, manufacturing, and distribution facilities located worldwide (

About Audax Group

Audax Group, founded in 1999, is a leading investor in lower-middle market companies. With offices in Boston and New York, Audax has over $4 billion in assets under management in its Private Equity, Mezzanine, and Senior Debt funds. For more information visit the Audax Group website

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