Liberty Hall Capital Partners has acquired Comply365 from Luminate

Client: Liberty Hall Capital Partners

Client Location: United States

Target: Comply365 Holdings, Inc.

Target Location: United States

Acquirer: Liberty Hall Capital Partners

Acquirer Location: United States

Target Description: Comply365 offers a 100% software as a service (SaaS) platform to facilitate collaborative execution across the entire operational and compliance document lifecycle. The company provides document authoring management and creation, compliance tracking, workflow management and document distribution currently focused on the aviation and rail end markets.

Our Perspective

“This announcement is an exciting development in the compliance and knowledge management sectors,” said Griffin Bealle, Managing Director at Lincoln. “This validates the notion that digitalizing the creation, delivery and compliance-tracking of critical operational content is increasingly important in the transportation sector. We look forward to watching Comply365 continue to expand its leadership position with Liberty Hall as a partner.”

Liberty Hall Comply365 Luminate 2020 Connect with a Senior Team Member
The team at Lincoln’s detailed knowledge of SaaS business models and economics was critical to executing a successful transaction. This knowledge allowed us to fully appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity and focus our diligence on critical issues.
Jack Nadal
Partner at Liberty Hall

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