Homedical Atenção Domiciliar has successfully partnered with Crescera Capital

Founded in 2012, Homedical Atenção Domiciliar is a leading Brazilian skilled home health services provider with a national footprint and a focus on providing complex, long-term care primarily to adult and elderly patients. Homedical is headquartered in Curitiba, Paraná, and has four additional units in Joinville, Santa Catarina; Feira de Santana, Bahia; Maceió, Alagoas; and São Luis, Maranhão. The company employs approximately 100 people and serves over 500 patients per month, providing both continuous home hospitalization services (6, 12, 24-hour hospitalizations with or without assisted ventilation) and skilled nursing services, such as infusions, rehabilitative therapies and wound management.

Homedical received a strategic investment from Crescera Capital, a Brazilian private equity fund focused on middle market investments in the healthcare, education and services sectors. Following the investment, Homedical will be part of Crescera´s recently established home care platform created to consolidate the fast-growing home health services provider market in Brazil. Homedical´s original shareholders will remain in the company and will partner with Crescera to further continue expansion in Brazil through patients´ growth and new unit openings.

Lincoln International acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Homedical, working closely with the company´s management team throughout the entire process. Lincoln´s deep experience in the home health services provider space and knowledge of the local market contributed to highlight Homedical´s unique business model and to attract various potential strategic and financial buyers. Lincoln advised shareholders in complex negotiations and demonstrated its seamless execution capabilities by leading the entire due diligence phase.

Stefano Reghellin, Vice President at Lincoln, stated, “This is a landmark transaction for Lincoln that demonstrates the firm´s expertise in the ebullient national healthcare sector which is posed for future consolidation.”

Homedical Crescera Capital 2021 Connect with a Senior Team Member
Mergers and acquisitions processes are long and complex. However, with Lincoln´s advice and assistance throughout the entire process, we have been able to identify the best partner for our company. Lincoln demonstrated its competence and expertise in all stages of the transaction. We are delighted with the result achieved.
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