Foresight has sold TFC Europe to AFC Industries, a portfolio company of Bertram Capital

TFC Europe

TFC Europe, headquartered in Heathfield, United Kingdom, is a specialist provider of technical fasteners, engineered wave springs and other c-class components with operations in the UK, Germany and Czechia. TFC, which was founded in 1961, provides best-in-class, vendor-managed inventory services and engineered fastening solutions to customers across Europe.

The Deal

Foresight Group first invested in TFC in 2007. Under Foresight’s ownership, TFC has extended its branch network in the UK and Germany organically and through acquisition to provide a market-leading service to small and medium-sized enterprises and international global brands in a range of industries. Having successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, TFC was looking for a new partner to support its growth plans across Europe. AFC Industries, a leading distributor of fasteners in North America, with the support of Bertram Capital, was looking to expand into Europe. With the acquisition of TFC, AFC has acquired a leading platform through which to develop further its presence in Europe.

Our Perspective

Julian Tunnicliffe, Managing Director in Lincoln’s Industrials Group, commented, “AFC and TFC have similar branch-based business models that provide outstanding supply chain solutions to their customers. Their shared philosophy of strong, unified overall direction and regional empowerment has generated the success of both businesses to date. The combined business will be well placed to serve their customers in North America and Europe.”

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