Buildertrend has been sold to Bain Capital and HGGC


Founded in 2006 by brothers Steve and Jeff Dugger, and friend Dan Houghton, Buildertrend’s platform was developed with a vision to disrupt the construction industry by standardizing scheduling and workflows, handling payments, purchase and change orders and improving customer communication and visibility.

The Deal

This first institutional investment will accelerate Buildertrend’s growth and expand the services it currently provides to more than 16,000 homebuilding, remodeling and specialty construction businesses.

“It was a huge decision for us to bring in an investor and partner for the first time and the team at Lincoln was critical to our success in finding the best outcome,” said Buildertrend Co-founder, Dan Houghton. “They’ve helped us over the past few years to develop the right relationships and navigate interest from a variety of folks, some of which became great commercial partners. Now we’re thrilled to partner with the team at Bain Capital to accelerate our efforts in the next phase of the company.”

Our Perspective

Clark Spurrier, Managing Director at Lincoln, emphasized, “The Buildertrend transaction underscores our firm’s deep commitment to partnering with great companies and supporting them with their continued success. There is a massive market opportunity in residential construction tech that the Bain Capital Tech Opportunities and Buildertrend teams are excited to tackle together, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with them on this outcome. We are eager to see Buildertrend execute on this opportunity in its next chapter and look forward to working with each of these parties soon.”

Buildertrend Bain Capital HGGC 2020 Connect with a Senior Team Member
The team at Lincoln ran a smooth diligence process that allowed us and our advisors to get into a winning position. Their knowledge of the business and the sector helped us forge a strong partnership with the Buildertrend management team and aligned vision on the growth of the business.
Scott Kirk
Partner at Bain Capital Tech Opportunities.

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