ArchiMed and management have sold EUROLyser to Antech Diagnostics, a subsidiary of Mars Veterinary Health


EUROLyser, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, is a leading diagnostics company focusing on the development and design of point-of-care testing (POCT) equipment and kits for the veterinary and human healthcare markets. EUROLyser’s patented technology and the usage of high-standard reagents in closed systems enables customers to obtain high quality test results. The products, including analyzers, proprietary test kits and reagents, are sold through a global distribution network in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Deal

Since its inception in 2005, EUROLyser has become a global leading player in the POCT business with strongly growing revenues. After the acquisition of a majority stake by ArchiMed in 2019, EUROLyser received strategic and operational support to further drive the strong development and pursue an ambitious growth as well as expansion strategy. ArchiMed’s strong experience in the industry and the implemented strategic measures resulted in a great performance of EUROLyser, increasing the profit more than two-fold, boosting average annual sales growth to more than 25% during its holding period and raising the interest of other market participants.

Our Perspective

Lincoln International managed a structured off-market mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process, using its market expertise to handle the process with only a limited number of parties. A well-adapted process design and vis-á-vis communications paired with strong execution capacities resulted in a fast-track due diligence process with the favored bidder and the completion of the transaction. Involving offices in the United States, Switzerland and Germany, the process is an example of Lincoln International’s joint capabilities in the healthcare sector.


ArchiMed is a leading investment firm with offices in the U.S. and Europe that is focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Prioritizing the areas of biopharmaceutical products and services, life science tools, medical devices and technologies, diagnostics, health technology and consumer health, ArchiMed’s operational mix of medical, scientific and financial expertise allows to serve as both a strategic and financial partner to the businesses. This expertise helps partners to innovate and expand their products and enables the internationalization of services. Since inception, ArchiMed has been a committed impact investor, both directly and through its Eurêka Foundation.

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Lincoln International served as a trusted partner to the shareholders at each stage of the process, providing invaluable insights based on deep industry knowledge, intimate buyer relationships and strong process expertise and complemented this with a high-quality, hardworking team at all levels.
Matthias von Behr
Director at ArchiMed

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