A subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co. has been sold to J-Will Partners Co.

Lincoln International, a leading global mid-market investment bank, is pleased to announce that SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (“SANYO Electric”) of the Panasonic Group has agreed to sell SANYO Techno Solutions Tottori Co., Ltd. (“STS”) to J-Will Partners Co., Ltd. (“JWP”) and special purpose company JIA. STS is a wholly owned subsidiary of SANYO Electric and specializes in the manufacture and sale of communication/network devices, control units/boards, health and medical equipment and kitchen appliances.

SANYO Electric established STS on January 1, 2013, in order to accelerate decision-making by building an autonomous business structure. However, in order to accomplish this objective and due to STS’s technology and a strong connection to its customers, management decided it would be best to run STS under an independent partner. SANYO Electric chose JWP as the buyer for STS due to its strong track record of successfully supporting subsidiary spin-offs and investments of small- and medium-sized regional companies in Japan.

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