Volfoni has been sold to Shandong Luxin-Rio

Lincoln International is pleased to announce the sale of Volfoni to Shandong Luxin-Rio Visual Technology (“Luxin-Rio”), China. This transaction is the cornerstone of Luxin-Rio’s strategy to offer an integrated solution for interactive cinema and entertainment projects, 3D/4D technology and other multi-media businesses.

Volfoni, based in Paris, is one the largest European 3D systems company and a global brand with award winning products. Luxin Rio and Volfoni have been business partiers since 2012.

Shandong Luxin-Rio Visual Technology Co., Ltd. (“Luxin-Rio”) was established in 2013 in Qingdao, Shandong Province by Shandong Luxin Culture Industry Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (a member of Shandong Luxin Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd.) and Guangzhou Rio Tech Optics Co., Ltd. Luxin-Rio provides turnkey solutions for entertainment equipment. Luxin-Rio’s primary businesses include the in-house R&D, manufacturing and sales of 3D/4D cinema systems, integration services of cinema equipment and software, and interactive technologies like VR/E-sports. Luxin-Rio’s scope of business addresses the full supply chain of the digital cinema industry.

Lincoln International supported Turenne Capital, the founders and other minority shareholders in this transaction.

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