Vector Laboratories has merged with Absolute Biotech

Client: Thompson Street Capital Partners

Client Location: United States

Target: Vector Laboratories, Absolute Biotech

Target Location: United States

Target Description:

Vector Laboratories: Vector Laboratories is a trusted reagent and critical component manufacturing partner, empowering biopharma, life science tools, and diagnostics companies to accelerate their ability to provide value to their customers and ultimately address pressing healthcare challenges. Vector Laboratories continues to expand its portfolio of products and services, from protein and glycan detection and visualization to bioconjugation linker and dye technologies. Building on 45+ years of experience and an unparalleled reputation for a culture of service, proven products, and incomparable technical partnership.

Absolute Biotech: Absolute Biotech specializes in antibody reagents, kits, and services, adding value to existing antibodies through annotation, validation, sequencing, engineering, and recombinant manufacturing. The company unites multiple antibody-centric brands to offer customers worldwide the full breadth of antibody-related products, services, and expertise for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications. With a mission to serve as “antibody curators” globally, Absolute Biotech delivers unique and absolutely defined reagents that empower scientists.


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