Private shareholders have sold E.V.A. to Liffey Meats

Lincoln International, a leading global mid-market investment bank, is pleased to announce the sale of E.V.A. (the “Company”), a leading independent French beef and calf slaughterhouse, to Liffey Meats, an Irish family-owned group, active in slaughtering and meat processing.

Established in 1987 by Henri Demaegdt and Thierry André, E.V.A. (Entreprise Viande Abattage) was originally active in slaughtering before diversifying in cutting and deboning. The Company employs 182 people in two production sites located in Normandy (France) and is amongst the best graded in the country for its good practices. From the start it has also been one of the best financially performing abattoirs. The Company generates over €80m in revenues, selling to a large network of supermarket chains, butchers, wholesalers and industrial meat transformers.

For Liffey Meats, this is its second acquisition in France in three years following that of Chiron, a producer of frozen hamburgers. The sale was also handled by Lincoln. This new acquisition will bring Liffey Meats’ revenues in France to over €120m within a growing market environment for hamburger patties ranging from fresh, regular frozen and premium origin. Liffey Meats expects significant synergies from this acquisition given Chiron’s downstream complementarity and geographic proximity with E.V.A..

Lincoln International acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to E.V.A.’s shareholders throughout the sale process.

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