Patrim One Group has reorganized its ownership structure with the support of Indigo Capital

As a spin-off from Marsh Group achieved in 2005 by Rémi Béguin, the company’s current President, and backed by serial entrepreneurs in the sector, Patrim One is an insurance broker primarily focused on high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals. Historically specializing in property and casualty insurance, Rémi Béguin together with Thierry Barle have developed the company’s focus into life and professional insurance to serve both personal and professional needs of demanding clients.

Patrim One Group has enjoyed a sustained and profitable growth as the result of a comprehensive and tailored service offering, efficient client portfolio development and successful integration of niche brokers. The company is recognized in the French wealth management environment for its value-added solutions, from insurance program implementation to claim management.

Lincoln International acted as the exclusive advisor to Patrim One shareholders and management. Lincoln International conducted a process involving various categories of investors able to meet the objectives of Patrim One’s shareholders and management’s ambitions for the company. Among them Indigo Capital stood out with a mezzanine financing enabling a significant majority stake for management and a partial rollover for historical shareholders.

Rémi Béguin, President of Patrim One, stated, “This transaction marks a turning point in our development. With Indigo Capital we are now in a position to reinforce our organization and accelerate our external growth strategy to the benefit of our clients.”

Arnaud Dudognon, Managing Director at Lincoln International, commented, “We are delighted to have advised Patrim One’s shareholders and management in this transaction. This client-oriented team and its strong core values have convinced Indigo Capital and are obviously key assets to reinforce Patrim One’s leadership in the coming years.”

Patrim One Indigo 2020 Connect with a Senior Team Member
We share the same core values with the Lincoln team: passion for clients, valuable advisory and commitment to results.
Rémi Béguin
President of Patrim One

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