Guabi Nutrição e Saúde Animal has sold 51% to Alltech Animal Health

Lincoln International, a leading global mid-market investment bank, is pleased to announce the sale of 51% of the shares of Guabi, one of the largest and most traditional Brazilian producers of animal feed in the country.

Founded in 1974, Guabi provides a portfolio of more than 250 high value added products for ruminants, equine, poultry, fish & shrimp, and other animals, directly attending farmers, small, middle and large national and multinational producers, animal feed industries and agricultural shops across all the Brazilian states, besides exporting to over 30 countries. Guabi currently has more than 850 employees located in 5 sites across Brazil, and has a client base of more than 10,000 accounts.

Alltech Animal Health is a leading global biotechnology company focused on improving animal health and performance by adding nutritional value to feed. Alltech Animal Health is the only privately held and family-owned business among the top ten animal health companies in the world and is part of Alltech group, a worldwide company headquartered in Kentucky, trading in 128 countries, and employing more than 4,700 employees in its 77 production facilities. The acquisition is in line with Alltech´s strategy to verticalize its business, being more close to the end-customer.

Lincoln acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to Guabi Nutrição e Saude Animal, working closely with the management team and shareholders throughout the sale process to provide advisory expertise and manage the marketing, due diligence and negotiation phases of the transaction.

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