Exxelia, a portfolio company of IK Partners, invests in Alcon Electronics, extending its footprint into India and expanding its offering in film and aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Alcon Electronics

Founded in 1977, Alcon Electronics is a leading Indian manufacturer of a comprehensive range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for power electronics applications, combined with an extensive array of film capacitors. Its custom design and research and development (R&D) capabilities stand as key differentiators in the Indian market and have helped the company to meet the exacting quality standards of Indian as well as international customers.

The Deal

Following an introduction made by Lincoln, Exxelia pursued Alcon as a priority target, attractively positioned in resilient and growing end markets (renewable energy, induction heating equipment, medical imaging, power generation, and railways) with high barriers to entry. This majority acquisition is highly strategic for Exxelia, which adds a strong footprint in India to its capabilities, unlocking attractive mid-term commercial and R&D synergies. Lincoln’s experienced local team provided strong expertise in the global electronics industry and in-depth knowledge of Indian culture to support this successful outcome.

Our Perspective

The Alcon acquisition represents the second build-up closed by Exxelia with Lincoln International as its exclusive financial advisor in the last two years. This transaction highlights Lincoln’s capacity and expertise in assisting large industrial companies, backed by financial sponsors, in global acquisition programs. For more information on the first transaction, please visit here.

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