Bridgepoint Development Capital has invested in Plug In Digital

Founded in 2012, Plug In Digital (PID) is one of the world’s largest independent video game distributors and a rising video game publisher. PID supports many industry leaders and is a key partner for independent (indie) success stories distributing games worldwide on all platforms. The company also runs two separate publishing labels: Dear Villagers, focused on unique single-player experiences, and PID Games, focused on flexible publishing and co-publishing solutions.

The $75 million funding round will finance organic development, notably the publishing of high potential indie games as well as an external growth strategy that targets video game developers with owned-intellectual property. Existing shareholders, including Chief Executive Officer and Founder Francis Ingrand, are reinvesting significantly in the operation. The transaction enables the opening of PID’s capital to its employees.

Lincoln acted as the exclusive financial advisor to BDC, working closely with its investment team throughout the process. François Carlot, Managing Director at Lincoln, commented, “It’s been a great pleasure to represent BDC on this funding round. With such a strong partnership, we look forward to seeing the accelerated success of PID in the video game market.”

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Lincoln’s deep sector knowledge and market insights were important factors in achieving such a successful deal.
Olivier Nemsguern
Head of Bridgepoint Development Capital

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