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  • 400+
    transactions in 2021
  • 39%
    cross-border M&A transactions
  • ~10,000
    portfolio company valuations annually

Business leaders and investors succeed because they always look forward – analyzing trends, spotting opportunities and anticipating “What’s Next.” Lincoln International’s investment banking advisors partner to connect ambitious clients to strategic and meaningful outcomes.

From our globally integrated team of professionals to our deep knowledge about what matters most in the markets we serve — and to the people who lead them — we combine real connection and true perspectives that drive value.

Perspective Matters With our deep connections to the industries we serve, our product expertise and our globally integrated platform, Lincoln brings insights and advice to private market investors and business leaders that help them anticipate — and capitalize on — opportunity.

We invite you to explore recent perspectives from Lincoln’s professionals.

Let’s Stay Together: Why PE Firms Are Committing to the Long-Haul Via Continuation Funds

Throughout the past several years continuation funds have grown in popularity for allowing private equity firms to extend their investment time horizons. In an industry known for extracting value during… Read More

Global Supply Chain Volatility: 2022 Outlook

Amidst historic production disruption, shortages and low levels of inventory, manufacturers, distributors and retailers have been adapting business strategy real-time in response to continued volatility. There has been a rising… Read More

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