Book Foreword by Ron Kahn, Lincoln Managing Director

Oct 2018

Lincoln Managing Director, Ron Kahn, authored the foreword of the recently released book, “A Cartoon Lover’s Guide to Private Equity,” by David Toll, Executive Editor of Buyouts Insider.

According to Ron, “David has created a remarkable book which, through his commentary and cartoons, provides an inimitable, astute guide to understanding the private equity industry. Each chapter has perceptive commentary about certain aspects of private equity, as well as clever cartoons that are as profoundly insightful as they are entertaining.”

All after-tax profits of the sale of the printed book will be donated to charities that help women and minorities break into private equity.

Download a free copy of the book here.


  • David Toll is the executive director of Buyouts Insider, publisher of online information services Buyouts, VCJ and The PE Hub Network.

  • The foreword of his recent book, "A Cartoon Lover's Guide to Private Equity" was authored by Ron Kahn, Lincoln Managing Director and head of the firm's Valuations & Opinions and Debt Advisory groups.