Whitepaper: 2021 Outlook for Value-Based Care and the Self-Insured Employer Marketplace

May 2021

Numerous efforts to transition the U.S. healthcare system to a value-based care construct have been attempted during the past couple decades, including top-down initiatives such as accountable care organizations, with mixed results. However, bright spots can be found, including bottom-up initiatives that are transforming pockets of the healthcare landscape. In particular, value-based care is gaining momentum in the evolving self-insured employer ecosystem.

Employer self-funded healthcare plans continue to grow in popularity, with over 100 million people in the United States now covered by these plans. However, in this era of value-based care, most self-insured plans are underequipped with tools and technologies to effectively engage employees, manage costs, and provide value to employees and employers. Efforts to advance value-based care for the self-insured employer marketplace are leading to numerous investment opportunities in services, technologies, and care providers.

During a recent event, panelists from Lincoln International, Stax Inc. and Farragut Square Group with relevant experience in the space provided an overview of the self-insured employer marketplace, described current trends and highlighted areas with attractive investment opportunities. They also summarized what they look for in conducting diligence about possible investments in these areas. Complete the form below to receive a white paper which both summarizes key topics discussed at the event and explores key data on the value-based care marketplace.

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  • On Thursday, March 18, 2021, experts from Lincoln International's Healthcare Group joined Farragut Square Group's webinar to discuss value-based care and the self-insured employer market.

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