Nikkei Financial | Growth of Private Equity Through Continuation Funds

Originally published by Nikkei Financial on April 19, 2022. Stephen Carre and Dan Posternak discuss the growth of private equity through continuation funds with Nikkei Financial. Click here to view the… Read More

Let’s Stay Together: Why PE Firms Are Committing to the Long-Haul Via Continuation Funds

Throughout the past several years continuation funds have grown in popularity for allowing private equity firms to extend their investment time horizons. In an industry known for extracting value during… Read More

Private Funds Advisory: Partners in Exploring Possibility

As private equity general partners evolve their strategy and develop new, bespoke structures to secure a return in today’s market, Lincoln International has brought on industry leaders Steve Carre and… Read More

Private Equity International | Lincoln International Aims for New Segment in Private Fund Advisory

Originally published by Private Equity International on February 9, 2022. A recent feature in Private Equity International highlights Lincoln’s newest service, Private Funds Advisory. Click here to view the full article.

Career Path Options for Prospective Investment Bankers

If you are seeking an opportunity in a fast-paced environment where you can learn a wide variety of skills and advise clients on mergers and acquisitions as well as raising… Read More

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