Brunswick Corporation has sold Brunswick Bicycles to Pacific Cycle

Brunswick Corporation (NYSE:BC) announced today that it has completed the sale of its Brunswick Bicycles division to Pacific Cycle, L.L.C., of Madison, Wisconsin for total consideration of $60 million. The division markets […]

Teledyne Technologies has sold Teledyne Cast Parts to CP Acquisition Corp.

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) today announced that it has completed the sale of its aerospace castings business, Teledyne Cast Parts, to CP Acquisition Corp., an affiliate of California-based Consolidated Foundries, Inc. Terms […]

Quanex has acquired Temroc Metals

Quanex Corporation (NYSE: NX) today announced that it completed the purchase of Temroc Metals, Inc., a leading aluminum extrusion and fabrication company based in Hamel, Minnesota. Terms of the transaction have not […]

Morgenthaler Partners has sold Cambridge International to American Securities

Morgenthaler, a private equity investment firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, has sold one of its portfolio companies, Cambridge International, Inc. (“Cambridge” or the “Company”) to American Securities Capital Partners, L.P. (“American Securities […]

Precision Castparts Corp. has sold Water Specialties to Danaher

Client: Precision Castparts Corp. Client Location: United States Buyer: Danaher Corporation Buyer Location: United States Target: Water Specialties Corporation Target Location: United States Target Description: Water Specialties Corporation is a producer of flow measurement and control equipment for the […]

Thermo Electron Corporation has sold Optronics to Prospect Partners

Lincoln Partners is pleased to announce that it represented Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE: TMO) in the sale of its Optronics, Inc. subsidiary to Prospect Partners, a Chicago based private equity group. Optronics, […]

Allegheny Teledyne has sold Teledyne Fluid Systems to Curtiss Wright and the Barnes Group

Client: Allegheny Teledyne Incorporated Client Location: United States Buyer: Curtiss Wright and the Barnes Group Buyer Location: United States Target: Teledyne Fluid Systems Target Location: United States Target Description: Teledyne Fluid Systems is a manufacturer of nitrogen gas springs, […]

AVTEC has been sold to Dover Corporation

Client: AVTEC Industries, Inc. Client Location: United States Buyer: Dover Corporation Buyer Location: United States Target: AVTEC Industries, Inc. Target Location: United States Details: AVTEC Industries, Inc. has been sold to Dover Corporation. AVTEC Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer […]

Amcast has sold Amcast Precison to Citation

Client: Amcast Industrial Corporation Client Location: United States Buyer: Citation Corp. Buyer Location: United States Target: Amcast Precison Products, Inc. Target Location: United States Target Description: Amcast Precision Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of aerospace investment castings.

Beloit Corporation has sold Beloit Castings to Atchison Casting

Client: Beloit Corporation Client Location: United States Buyer: Atchison Casting Inc. Buyer Location: United States Target: Beloit Castings Target Location: United States Target Description: Beloit Castings produces stainless steel and non-ferrous castings for industries such as construction, mining, pump, […]

Emerson has sold Dynacorp to Autogard

Client: Emerson Electric Co. Client Location: United States Buyer: Autogard Buyer Location: United States Target: Dynacorp, Inc. Target Location: United States Target Description: Dynacorp produces and markets friction clutches and brakes for industrial applications.

Beloit has sold J&L Fiber Services to Precision Castparts Corp.

Client: Beloit Corporation Client Location: United States Buyer: Precision Castparts Corp. Buyer Location: United States Target: J&L Fiber Services, Inc. Target Location: United States Target Description: J&L Fiber Services is a manufacturer of papermaking machinery.

Quanex has sold its Tube Group Operations to Vision Metals

Client: Quanex, Inc. Client Location: United States Buyer: Vision Metals Buyer Location: United States Target: Tube Group Operations Target Location: United States Target Description: Quanex’s Tube Group Operations manufactures cold-drawn stainless steel tubing, welded steel tubes and seamless […]

Merfish Pipe & Supply Company and Pipe Exchange have been sold to One Equity Partners

Lincoln International (“Lincoln”), a leading global mid-market investment bank, is pleased to announce that Merfish Pipe & Supply Company (“Merfish”) and Pipe Exchange, Inc. (“Pipe Exchange”) have been sold to One Equity […]

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