Brunswick Corporation has sold Brunswick Bicycles to Pacific Cycle

Brunswick Corporation (NYSE:BC) announced today that it has completed the sale of its Brunswick Bicycles division to Pacific Cycle, L.L.C., of Madison, Wisconsin for total consideration of $60 million. The… Read More

Teledyne Technologies has sold Teledyne Cast Parts to CP Acquisition Corp.

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) today announced that it has completed the sale of its aerospace castings business, Teledyne Cast Parts, to CP Acquisition Corp., an affiliate of California-based Consolidated Foundries,… Read More

Quanex has acquired Temroc Metals

Quanex Corporation (NYSE: NX) today announced that it completed the purchase of Temroc Metals, Inc., a leading aluminum extrusion and fabrication company based in Hamel, Minnesota. Terms of the transaction… Read More

PCF has completed a management and partner-led buyout

Client: PCF Client Headquarters: United States Target: PCF Target Headquarters: United States Target Description: PCF is a commercial insurance brokerage based in Utah.

Morgenthaler Partners has sold Cambridge International to American Securities

Morgenthaler, a private equity investment firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, has sold one of its portfolio companies, Cambridge International, Inc. (“Cambridge” or the “Company”) to American Securities Capital Partners, L.P.… Read More

Precision Castparts Corp. has sold Water Specialties to Danaher

Client: Precision Castparts Corp. Client Location: United States Buyer: Danaher Corporation Buyer Location: United States Target: Water Specialties Corporation Target Location: United States Target Description: Water Specialties Corporation is a producer of flow measurement and control equipment… Read More

Thermo Electron Corporation has sold Optronics to Prospect Partners

Lincoln Partners is pleased to announce that it represented Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE: TMO) in the sale of its Optronics, Inc. subsidiary to Prospect Partners, a Chicago based private equity… Read More

Allegheny Teledyne has sold Teledyne Fluid Systems to Curtiss Wright and the Barnes Group

Client: Allegheny Teledyne Incorporated Client Location: United States Buyer: Curtiss Wright and the Barnes Group Buyer Location: United States Target: Teledyne Fluid Systems Target Location: United States Target Description: Teledyne Fluid Systems is a manufacturer of nitrogen… Read More

AVTEC has been sold to Dover Corporation

Client: AVTEC Industries, Inc. Client Location: United States Buyer: Dover Corporation Buyer Location: United States Target: AVTEC Industries, Inc. Target Location: United States Details: AVTEC Industries, Inc. has been sold to Dover Corporation. AVTEC Industries, Inc. is… Read More

Amcast has sold Amcast Precison to Citation

Client: Amcast Industrial Corporation Client Location: United States Buyer: Citation Corp. Buyer Location: United States Target: Amcast Precison Products, Inc. Target Location: United States Target Description: Amcast Precision Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of aerospace investment castings.

Beloit Corporation has sold Beloit Castings to Atchison Casting

Client: Beloit Corporation Client Location: United States Buyer: Atchison Casting Inc. Buyer Location: United States Target: Beloit Castings Target Location: United States Target Description: Beloit Castings produces stainless steel and non-ferrous castings for industries such as construction,… Read More

Emerson has sold Dynacorp to Autogard

Client: Emerson Electric Co. Client Location: United States Buyer: Autogard Buyer Location: United States Target: Dynacorp, Inc. Target Location: United States Target Description: Dynacorp produces and markets friction clutches and brakes for industrial applications.

Beloit has sold J&L Fiber Services to Precision Castparts Corp.

Client: Beloit Corporation Client Location: United States Buyer: Precision Castparts Corp. Buyer Location: United States Target: J&L Fiber Services, Inc. Target Location: United States Target Description: J&L Fiber Services is a manufacturer of papermaking machinery.

Quanex has sold its Tube Group Operations to Vision Metals

Client: Quanex, Inc. Client Location: United States Buyer: Vision Metals Buyer Location: United States Target: Tube Group Operations Target Location: United States Target Description: Quanex’s Tube Group Operations manufactures cold-drawn stainless steel tubing, welded steel tubes… Read More

Merfish Pipe & Supply Company and Pipe Exchange have been sold to One Equity Partners

Lincoln International (“Lincoln”), a leading global mid-market investment bank, is pleased to announce that Merfish Pipe & Supply Company (“Merfish”) and Pipe Exchange, Inc. (“Pipe Exchange”) have been sold to… Read More

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