Pension Schemes

Lincoln International provides advice to both trustees and companies, which means our clients can benefit from our experience of both perspectives in funding and other negotiations. We advise a variety of size schemes, but our clients have a common need for independent, thoughtful and helpful covenant advice which can be used to support negotiations relating to scheme specific funding, corporate events or monitoring process. Lincoln International is part of a global firm and many of our clients have multinational businesses or sponsoring employers. We offer our clients access to our international resources which include sector knowledge, local market expertise and an understanding of global trends. We have a senior team with a breadth of experience unrivaled by any of our competitors including credit analysis, corporate finance, regulatory, legal, and actuarial.

We currently advise schemes and sponsors with over £80 billion in pension liabilities including:

  • FTSE100 schemes
  • Not-for-profit businesses
  • Those involved in debt-restructuring transactions
  • Clients where we design creative recovery plans given funding constraints
  • Those involved in cutting-edge and innovative de-risking transactions
  • Clients involved with structuring asset-backed recovery plans / SPV structures

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