The Lincoln International Culture

Culture Matters – Our most important asset

At Lincoln International, we believe our culture matters greatly. Assembling and retaining a group of outstanding investment bankers is central to our culture and creating successful outcomes for our clients – we are diligent in hiring outstanding professionals who believe in and reflect Lincoln International’s core principles.

Core Principles

Our core principles are summed up in five attributes:

  1. Intense commitment to excellence
  2. Entrepreneurial
  3. Team-oriented
  4. Integrated
  5. Integrity

Intense commitment to excellence: Investment banking is intellectually stimulating and rewarding. It is also highly competitive. To succeed, each individual and the firm as a whole needs to have an intense commitment to excellence. While not for everyone, this intense commitment to excellence creates a stimulating environment for high performing individuals.

Entrepreneurial: Lincoln continues to grow, but we retain our entrepreneurial culture. Being entrepreneurial is thinking proactively for our clients and the firm. We not only brain-storm and develop effective solutions to identified problems, we see emerging problems or opportunities before others see them. This means continuously striving to do things better and grow as an individual and as a firm.

Team-oriented: We are team-oriented on several levels. First, our work is done in teams. To be effective at Lincoln International, you need to work well in teams. Second, we are looking for people that do not just focus on specific tasks, but think ahead about how to make the team work best together. This means contributing to the discussion regardless of level and thinking about how to make the best end product. Third, we care about our other team members as individuals. Junior team members think about how they can best support senior team members. Senior team members think about how to make their junior team members better, not just on a specific assignments, but for the longer term through hands-on training and mentoring.

Integrated: We believe the results of the whole organization working together are greater than the sum of the parts. We are stronger working together rather than individually. Two keys to integration: sharing information and providing assistance when asked. We employ systems that provide financial rewards for integrating activities across geographies, industries groups, product groups and support functions.

Integrity: Many firms profess integrity, but few live it. We do. We believe in doing what is right for our clients, staff, and other stakeholders. We run Lincoln International based on the following philosophy: If everyone knew everything regarding our business conduct, all our actions would pass intense scrutiny. This often requires more thought, time, effort and/or expense as decisions are made to do the right thing, not always the easy thing. Ultimately, this approach creates a trusting environment for clients and employees. The result - an enjoyable and productive environment.